Satya Nadella took the opportunity to once again reaffirm their position regarding Xbox in their Q1 fiscal year 2015 earnings report. Along the way, he tried to emphasize the connections it has with all their other products.

Gaming is the one category that we’ve said we’ll invest in it for its own sake in driving enterprise value. The reason we’re why we’re so competitive now in Cortana and speech recognition, which I think is core to productivity, first started with Kinect and Xbox.

Nadya also refers to Azure as ‘the common fabric of all our applications”, and this is manifest in Xbox’s Upload Studio, as well as games like Titanfall that take advantage of Azure for their server hosting.

Microsoft made $4.5 billion in net income, a decrease of 14 % year on year, and $23.20 billion in revenue, an increase from the $18.53 billion they made last year.

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