Namco Bandai Reports Sales, Net Income Drop

Namco Bandai has reported a drop in sales and net income for this business year.The business year, which ended on 31 March, has not been a good one for the Japanese publishing giant going by Edge, with an 11.2 per cent decline in revenue to 378,547 million yen (approximately £2.7 billion GBP) which has led to a loss of 29,080 million yen (approximately £211 million GBP.)The company’s videogame unit saw the biggest operating income loss, it seems, with a 6,845 million yen (approximately £49.7 million GBP) loss and revenues of 137,528 million yen (£998 million GBP).Unusually, PSP games were apparently the biggest sales generator – with total sales across all platforms coming to 22,737,000 games in the past 12 months – despite the single biggest seller being Tekken 6 on PS3 and Xbox 360, with 1,840,000 sales.Still, Namco Bandai is forecasting a return to profit in this financial year, with sales of 400,000 million yen (approximately £2.9 billion GBP) and a net income of 4,500 million yen (approximately £32.7 million GBP.)