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In Narita Boy, Studio Koba’s debut title, you’re tasked with saving an entire Digital Kingdom. To do so, you must restore the memories of the man who programmed it into existence. Aptly named the Creator, you walk through snippets of his past that trace his desire to make the Digital Kingdom. While accessing 12 memories is mandatory, there is a secret 13th “backup” memory that involves finding Backup Floppy Disk locations in Narita Boy.

In fact, you’ll need to track down five Backup Floppy Disks to get this secret memory. These disks are hidden all throughout the Kingdom. There are helpful hints throughout that will guide you on the search, and we’re here to help further with this Narita Boy Backup Floppy Disk guide. Here’s how you can find each one.

Backup Floppy Disk 1 — Techno-Fathers’ Castle

To gain access to the first Backup Floppy Disk, you’ll need to press three buttons inside of the Techno-Fathers’ Castle. This is, for all intents and purposes, the first major area of the game.

The first button is located in the Calculus 3 Room, just after accessing the Creator’s first memory. It’s pretty hard to miss because it’s on the linear progression path for the story. The button is located on a holo-statue with a Floppy Disk logo just above it. Pressing the button will change the camera to a door on the Banks of the Achromatopsia River.

narita boy backup floppy disk

The second switch is in the Underground Garden. After taking the elevator down, keep running to the right until you come to a statue that looks exactly like the one pictured above. Engaging with the button will trigger the same sequence.

The third switch is just outside of the entrance to the Techno-Fathers’ Castle. Exit the castle and, again, run to the right. You’ll come to a small gap in the floor that you can jump over. After nailing the jump, you’ll find the third button.

After all three buttons have been activated, trace back to the Banks of the Achromatopsia River and enter the new openings. Inside is the first Backup Floppy Disk.

Backup Floppy Disk 2 — Yellow House

Upon entering the Yellow House, you’ll interact with a Dude Statue. This contains Taiyo Beam, one of three legendary Dudes that protect each beam of the Trichroma. He’ll tell you that, if you can find his house, it contains a Backup Floppy Disk. To do this, you’ll have to find three hidden symbols.

Head into the Lower Wings and go to the area containing the Uppercut power-up. Next to the totem, there will be a crate you can jump on. Once on the crate, use the uppercut to jump up and dash or shoulder bash to the left. At this point, you’ll enter a dark tunnel. Keep moving left to an open room with three red dots on the wall. This is the first symbol.

narita boy symbol 1

The second and third are both in the Oasis. Use the Transcriptor of Symbols to access the second area. To the right, you’ll find a mirage of the Creator at a bar. Above his head is a yellow square — one of the symbols. Just to the right of that, there’s a palm tree in the foreground. When the camera zooms in, you’ll see a blue arrow pointing to the right. This is the final symbol.

Return to the Transcriptor of Symbols and enter the code. It should line up with the screenshot below.

narita boy transcriptor 1

This will take you to Taiyo Beam’s room, and the second Backup Floppy Disk.

Backup Floppy Disk 3 — Blue House

The Blue House actually contains two Backup Floppy Disks. Progress through the Blue House until you enter the East Hillside area. You’ll hear a ringing telephone in a room near the base of the cliffside. Answer the phone, and you’ll engage with a representative from the offices of the Technocrats. He’ll say that, though it’s not a requirement, the Technocrats would be thankful if you could find their balcony key.

Proceed to the left and climb back up the cliffside. You’ll enter an area called the West Hillside. Waves of enemies will spawn, so make sure that your health is fairly high. After defeating the enemies, you can keep progressing left. You’ll eventually come to a drop. Climb down and enter the hole in the side of the cliff’s face. Inside is a button that will open the Cavern to the Well, just under the first East Hillside area.

narita boy cliff

Upon entering the Cavern to the Well, you’ll need to kill a Code Eater. Once you’ve done that, a hole in the wall will appear. Enter that, and you’ll find the key to the balcony. Go to the Technocrats Offices by using the Transcriptor on top of the structure with the phone booth. Once inside the office, go to the right. Enter the Balcony Key into the interface outside the door.

There’s a Techno-Father on the Balcony that will give you a key to a chest. The chest in question is just to the left of the Thermal Baths. Use the key to open it, and enter. You will have to defeat a mini-boss named Red Beard. Note that you can only damage Red Beard by hitting his parrot companion. Defeating Red Beard will give you the third Backup Floppy Disk.


Backup Floppy Disk 4 — Blue House

As with the Yellow House, the Blue House has its own dude. Named Ougai Rain, he’ll tell you that finding his secret room will net another Backup Floppy Disk. It’s the same process of finding hidden symbols and entering them into a specific Transcriptor.

You can find the first symbol in the area called The Pier. There’s a tree that you can climb to access a secret room. You will see three red dots on the wall inside.


The second symbol is in the Lighthouse, on the level just below its keeper. There’s a statue of Ougai Rain embedded in the wall — just above that is the blue symbol.


The yellow symbol is at the top of the Perpetual Summit, in Nakunak’s Dwelling. Again, you can see it above a statue of Ougai Rain.


Entering those three symbols into the Transcriptor by the Tech-Guru will take you to Ougai Rain’s room, and the fourth Backup Floppy Disk.

Backup Floppy Disk 5 — Red House

The Dude of the Red House is Johnny Heat. However, he’s not in his statue — you learn he’s been captured by the Stallions, and that you must save him. You can access his room before that, though. This is the easiest of the three Dude’s rooms to find.

You can find the first symbol by pressing the button that gives you access to the Temple. Once you’ve opened the door to the Temple, a yellow arrow facing downwards will flash above the statue of Johnny Heat. The second button you need to press is found in an opening in the wall. It’s just to the right after you drop down into the Red Hall. Pressing the button will reveal a sideways blue arrow.


The third button is in the Data Dump Room, all the way down the left-hand side of the Red Hall. It’s on the back wall of the room. Pressing it will reveal some history about HIM, and show the red symbol.


After gaining access to the Dash Attack, leave the Red Hall and go back to the Red House’s starting area. Once you reach the Trichroma’s Barrow, smash the red door. Inside is a Transcriptor.


Entering those three symbols will take you to Johnny Heat’s room, and Backup Floppy Disk 13. You can now access the Creator’s 13th memory.

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