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Even more hot map action on the way.

Europa Universalis IV came out in a pretty solid state (especially compared to some recent strategy titles we could mention,) but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for tweaks, improvements and additional features. The first major patch for the game, taking it to version 1.2, will be released next week according to producer Johan Andersson.

What kind of things can we look forward to seeing in said patch? Well, a diligent forum poster over at the EUIV boards has actually compiled a bit of list based on what Andersson has been tweeting, writing and saying in live-stream broadcasts. You can find that list here.

It sounds like some good stuff; including ‘national ideagroups’ for another 25 nations (making places like Tibet and Switzerland more viable for a proper playthrough) and the much-requested ability to run the game in windowed mode straight from the menu. Also, some very handy tweaks like “being able to surrender to the AI without +10 Warscore” which should prevent you getting stuck in a war you can never peace out from.

In addition to all of that, a recent live-stream event leaked a couple of details about forthcoming¬†Europa Universalis IV DLC. Sadly, there’s no sign yet of the weird UFO stuff, but the word is that something called “American Dreams” (presumably revolution-based?) is on the cards. Possibly something to do with national monuments too. More news about those should be coming next Tuesday (if not before.)

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