NBA Playgrounds 2 coming to PC

NBA Playgrounds 2 coming to PC

Saber Interactive is set to release a sequel to last years arcade basketball game with NBA Playgrounds 2.

Saber will be expanding on last year’s game with expanded online play through Playgrounds Championship which will be their worldwide league with multiple divisions. A new competitive league means stable online play is essential and Sabre will be launching dedicated servers for this release.

The single player will come with a new Season Mode and players will be able to take their team through a complete season and playoffs to win the NBA Championship. Over 200 current and former NBA stars will be unlockable via card packs, new courts, custom matches, four-player online matches, the return of three-point contests, custom matches, and more will appear in this sequel. Simply put, Saber is wanting to improve the game and address the shortcomings of the original.

NBA Playgrounds received mixed reviews on Steam last year but maybe this sequel will shine.


Paul Younger

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