January 25th, 2016

NCSoft Unveils Paragon Studios

Publisher NCSoft has revealed a new name for the current development team behind the City of Heroes franchise.The team, formerly known as NCSoft NorCal, will now be known as Paragon Studios and will continue to further develop and support the City of Heroes franchise, as well as working on new MMO properties.“The renaming of our studio to Paragon Studios represents our devotion to the present and future of the City of Heroes series,” said Brian Clayton, general manager of Paragon Studios and executive producer for City of Heroes.“As pioneers in the comic book-inspired MMO genre, together with our esteemed veteran development team, it is our mission to continually strive for innovation, solidify the strength of our brand, and continue providing high quality experiences forCity of Heroes and any future projects that come from Paragon Studios.”The team recently released the Issue 14 update for City of Heroes which introduced the new Mission Architect tool.

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