Need a Super-Massive SSD? Samsung’s Got Your Back (And Your Wallet)

SSDs are becoming increasingly more popular with core PC users due to their higher levels of speed and durability over traditional mechanical hard-drives. While there’s a whole list of advantages to using an SSD instead of a mechanical drive, the biggest hurtle that many consumers have to face is that the better experience calls for a much higher price. For that reason, many SSDs have a relatively low level of storage space. But “many” doesn’t equal “all”. If you’re in the market for a large SSD, Samsung’s got you covered.

The technology-giant will soon be releasing an equally gigantic SSD—a whopping 4TB model, dubbed the 850 Evo. Clocking in with a SATA 6Gbps interface, this whopper will set you back a generous $1,500. That’s right—the same price as a high-end gaming laptop. But hey, 4TB should be way more than enough for the average gamer, so it pays for itself in the long-run, right?

If your pockets are that deep, you can go ahead and pre-order it from Newegg, Amazon or directly from Samsung. It releases on July 31st.


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