Need For Speed Unbound December

A rumor made the rounds last week that another Need for Speed reveal was imminent. Earlier today, that rumor became a reality, as Need for Speed Unbound was revealed. Its announcement was accompanied by an extremely stylish trailer, which combines gameplay footage with snappy editing. But the most surprising news around Need for Speed Unbound is that it’s set for release on December 2.

It feels quite strange to see a game revealed just two months before its launch, but Need for Speed Unbound seems confident enough to do just that this December. On the surface, it seems to be capturing the essence of Need for Speed‘s heyday. The vibrant visuals combined with the general look remind me of Need for Speed Underground 2, which is a big positive.


Need for Speed Heat, the previous game in the franchise, was an underwhelming title for some. And before that, Need for Speed had undeniably been struggling for some time. Many factors could’ve caused this, but one underlying problem has been with the series’ identity. Additionally, each title has struggled to truly evolve from the other. Need for Speed Unbound will need to win over a lot of jaded fans , but this trailer is a good step forward in presenting a more unique identity.

Need for Speed‘s next big entry

The trailer doesn’t tell us a lot about Need for Speed Unbound. Luckily, EA put up a blog post on its website that gives us some more information. Unbound takes place in the fictional Lakeshore City and has the player progressing from a rookie racer to a pro. You can expect all the usual Need for Speed antics, along with police chases and rival races. There’ll also be plenty of car and player customization, which we may get a closer look at soon.Need For Speed Unbound December

Need for Speed Unbound is definitely a surprise title to come this December. It’s been rumored for a while, but it’s great to see it in the open. Hopefully, it’s able to bring the Need for Speed franchise back into the good graces of its fans. EA has also confirmed that it’ll have plenty of free content updates after launch. So racing fans have something neat to look forward to at the end of the year.

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