Netflix's The Witcher Series Resumes Filming As Geralt Gets Beaten Up 1

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, production for both games and entertainment has had to take a backseat. This was no different for Netflix’s The Witcher series starring Henry Cavill. However, good news came in June, when season two of the show was set to resume filming in August.

Things appeared to have started earlier than expected. Director Stephen D Surjik shared an on-set image on August 5, and now star Henry Cavill has joined in the fun. The makeup process looks brutal, with “pounds” of tape and glue thrown in the mix,

“All of us are COVID cleared and bubbled,” Cavill explained. This means that the staff of Netflix’s The Witcher series is in isolation, away from external parties. Tests are being carried out twice a week as well, Cavill added.

A path of pain

Although the pandemic has gotten everybody down, it would appear the makeup process is worse for Cavill. Both the application, as well as the removal of the film makeup would take hours. One would assume it is not that comfortable either. Even the hands of Hollywood experts can only do so much. Either way, Geralt is looking at some bad times in The Witcher, he certainly had plenty of that in his first outing.

Having concluded a successful first season of the show, more is expected from The Witcher series. The world of Geralt and the many different characters involved in his adventures was but the tip of the iceberg. The first season was also confusing to the uninitiated, jumping around in time to tell different stories.

Netflix's The Witcher Series Resumes Filming As Geralt Gets Beaten Up 2

The challenge for The Witcher season two would be how to tell a story in a more linear fashion. No release date has been set for the show, so there is still room to play with. However, fans will likely see more of Geralt’s adventures sometime in 2021.

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