Neverwinter Sharandar Expansion Brings With It A Blast From The Past (2)

When it comes to MMORPGs, there are games like Blizzard’s massive World of Warcraft that require subscriptions, and there are free ones, such as Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter. For the latter, players are looking forward to its next expansion for a blast from the past. The Neverwinter: Sharandar expansion will send players back to some familiar areas from its earliest zones. However, things are not exactly the same. In fact, there are a bunch of surprises lying in wait for veterans on February 16.

As lead designer Randy Moisondz shared, the area of Sharandar has been fully rebuilt from the ground up. This will include brand new adventure zones, as well as a brand-new social hub.


Over the course of three episodes, adventurers will explore the unsettling darkness that has crept across the Feywild. New enemies and rumors of an ancient fay being await. Episode 1: The Iron Tooth will send brave heroes to the Ruins of Malabog and the new Vault of Stars dungeon.

The revamped Sharandar will replace the old forests first introduced back in 2013. In its place will be more grand views, alongside the new adventure zone, social hub, and dungeon. These areas will provide the foundations for which players can enjoy the latest story developments in Neverwinter: Sharandar.

Episode 2: The Soul Keeper and Episode 3: The Odious Court will continue the story of Neverwinter: Sharandar in the near future.

Neverwinter Sharandar Expansion Brings With It A Blast From The Past (1)

Evolution of adventure

Just like in the previous Avernus expansion, players can expect things to change in the forest with time. Existing game worlds will undergo transformations. With every new episode, the story will advance, while the world will evolve naturally alongside it.

The subsequent two episodes of Neverwinter: Sharandar will likely be where the developers at Cryptic Studios weave their magic. It is likely players will see the arrival of new lairs, zones, and even challenges. No date has been set just yet for Episodes 2 and 3.

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