Amnesia Rebirth gameplay

Horror games tend to garner a good audience, especially so when it is October. Frictional Games has been hard at work developing its upcoming horror sequel, Amnesia: Rebirth. The fact is that it has been 10 long years since we last experienced Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so expectations are equally high and low at the same time. However, with an October 20 release date creeping ever closer, we finally have a new look at what to expect. A new Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay trailer has debuted via IGN, and the uneasiness it creates is still awesome.

Much remains unknown about this sequel. We do know, however, that it is set 100 years after the original game. A new character, Tasi Trianon, is the protagonist this time around. Following an unfortunate plane crash in the Algerian desert, the terror begins shortly after. From the brief Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay shown in the trailer, the familiarity of dread definitely brings back memories that are better off forgotten.

Stay away from the dark

You will be wandering around dark hallways, using only a lantern as your source of illumination. Of course, a horror game has to have its dangers, and the dangers that lurk in the shadows are always awaiting their chance to strike. Nothing ramps up the fear like an unseen enemy granting you a quick death just because of a wrong move. Damn those inconveniently locked doors.

Based on the Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay trailer, the environments are a step up from the original. There will likely be more variety too. This will make the puzzle-solving much more interesting in the sequel, and give players more to worry about at the same time. What new mechanics will come our way in the dark remains to be seen, but knowing Frictional Games, we are in for a very uncomfortable time on October 20.

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