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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon was announced at the end of The Game Awards 2022. But since then, fans have been eager to know more about FromSoftware’s upcoming title. Luckily, some more information has been revealed about the game. And it looks like Armored Core VI will feature plenty of series staples, customization, online elements, and, yes, there will be boss fights.

This information comes courtesy of a Bandai Namco showcase, via Noisy Pixel, which discusses some information from Armored Core VI‘s producer, Yasutaka Ogura. As usual with FromSoftware’s upcoming releases, Ogura was careful to keep some things hidden. But we can still gather some interesting bits of information.

Armored Core VI will give players ‘freedom’ and customization

Ogura starts things off by discussing FromSoftware’s intention with the series. He mentions that the developer wanted to leave some time between the previous entry and the current one. And that seems to have been a good choice. A lot of the developers working on Armored Core VI also worked on the Souls series and Elden Ring. And it’s likely that those experiences will have affected Armored Core VI‘s development.

But Armored Core VI still seems to be sticking to what the series did best. Freedom and customization are integral parts of the series. And it’s something that sets the games apart from other mecha action games. Like before, you’ll be able to fully customize the mech. And it’s something you’ll often do to equip the right gear for certain missions.

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Image via Bandai Namco

Alongside customization, boss fights will be a major part of Armored Core VI. Ogura mentions that the game will offer a “stiff challenge” to players. And longtime fans of FromSoftware’s titles probably know what to expect. But given how different Armored Core is from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Elden Ring, it’ll be interesting to see what the developer has planned.

Finally, there will be online mode for Armored Core VI. But FromSoftware confirmed that the story mode is single-player only. So there won’t be any kind of co-op for the main campaign. Instead, there will be an online arena mode. The specifics will have to wait until a later date, but we at least know what to expect from Armored Core VI‘s online elements.

A long-awaited return

Armored Core VI is a game that players have waited years for. And given how successful FromSoftware’s last few titles have been, it’s hard to imagine the next entry stumbling. We should get some more information about Armored Core VI throughout the year. With any luck we’ll get a release date soon, too.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is set to release on PC in 2023.

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