New Beyond Good & Evil 2 details and trailer

New Beyond Good & Evil 2 details and trailer

A new cinematic trailer was shown for Beyond Good & Evil 2 during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. The cinematic showcased more of the games environment and details surrounding a few of the main characters. The pre-alpha footage allowed for a small peek into the game’s city and air exploration.

This year, we’re excited to partner with HITRECORD to provide the community with a set of creative projects that allow anyone to contribute and work with others to create content to be integrated directly into Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Another important aspect of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s development is the inclusion of assets from the real world. Any person that wants to assist in providing music, art, or other feedback regarding the game can join the Space Monkey program. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also took to the stage to promote his company, HitRecord, which is also now partnered with the team at Ubisoft to help create music and art for the game.

There is still very much to learn about Beyond Good & Evil 2. At the close of the cinematic trailer, we are also introduced to a young Jade-so at least there’s that.


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