2K still hasn’t quite got the hang of releasing Bioshock 2 DLC without controversy.First time around, players were surprised to find that all of the necessary DLC data was already present on their systems.Now, people who purchased last week’s Rapture Metro map pack have been wondering why the six new maps included in the download never seem to show up in multiplayer.A post on the official 2K forums by ‘2K Elizabeth’ reveals all.”The DLC maps cycle into the rotation during public matches if everyone in the room owns them, otherwise, base maps are used – that way you can still play with your friends even if they don’t own the new content.”If anybody who does not own the Rapture Metro DLC joins a public match, the new maps will not be used. As a result, players have been reporting sessions of over ten hours during which not a single DLC map they have paid for has appeared.Whilst efforts not to split up the multiplayer community are to be admired, it perhaps should have occurred to somebody that this decision would make the likelihood of any new maps featuring in public matches extremely low. Short of setting up a private lobby, for most players the Rapture Metro maps are currently missing in action.The Rapture Metro map pack was released on 11 May and cost 800 MS Points / $9.99 USD.

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