New The Black Glove Trailer Tantalizes While Kickstarter Stalls

Day For Night Games is currently struggling to get the word out on their ambitious open world title, The Black Glove. To facilitate matters, they’ve shared a new trailer to pitch the concept again.

It may be a necessary evil, but they have also unveiled a little bit more about the game’s premise, to help people understand what they could be up for. It is still not an Objectivist themed shooter, but it will be a mysterious, tantalizing adventure set in a lush, beautiful world, with top notch writing.

You enter a 1920s theatre, and face anachronistic enemies lifted from 1980s arcade video games, in a bid to unravel why everything around you is going insane.

Check out the latest trailer above and learn more about The Black Glove and help fund it here.

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