More details teased about Carbine Studios upcoming MMO.
Carbine Studios are due to announced their new MMO next week at Gamescom. What we know at this point is very little other than it’s set in the future and that it will attempt to strike a balance between “technology and fantasy.”
Speaking in a developer blog, art director Matt Mocarski has teased a few details regaring the game’s visual approach:
“We wanted to be sure that we developed something that was iconic and recognizable as a signature of our game,” said Mocarski.
“…players will see both fantasy and sci-fi elements in our world and our gameplay. We also knew we’d need to be able to tell a huge variety of stories, everything from intense drama to mind-blowing action to humorous tales. There were a few influences that we really focused on. Animated films such as Atlantis, The Secret of Nimh, and Princess Mononoke really nailed the overall look of the style.
“We know that our game was for adults so we studied shows like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist to see how they balanced a unique visual style with stories that had both humor and drama. Lastly we looked at comics such as Hellboy, Battle Chasers, and Tank Girl to influence our balance of technology and fantasy.”
Mocarski spared a quick word for the competition:
“We believe our art style has an element that is missing from a lot of games on the market, and that’s a sense of fun. I love looking at our art. It tells a story. It screams “Come out and play!” I’m happy when I run around our world. It feels magical – like anything is possible. I often find myself running around the world for hours just to be there.”
Carbine Studios have worked on Free Realms, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, City of Heroes and Warhammer Online.
Mocarski’s blog can be read in full here.

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