Master Post Apocalyptic Cooking With New Cooking Simulator Shelter Dlc (1)

When it comes to a game like Cooking Simulator, one would be forgiven for thinking it will always revolve around the many different cuisines of the world. We have had the likes of Pizza make the cut, as well as the dose of sweetness with Cakes and CookiesHowever, all of that pales in comparison to the impending arrival of Cooking Simulator – Shelter DLC.

You read that right, the post-apocalyptic world is clashing with the cooking one in an interesting mashup. It is time for aspiring cooks to master the art of cooking in an underground shelter. Gather scarce resources, make trades with other settlements, and become the best cook in the wasteland.


If you are trying to get your head around it, do not even try — just enjoy the content for what it is. Players find themselves wandering the wastelands in search of their family, only to settle in an area called Sector 12.

In order to utilize the radio dish to contact them, you will need the help of the locals. The best way to convince them is through amazing food, so get ready to put your skills to the test.

Master Post Apocalyptic Cooking With New Cooking Simulator Shelter Dlc (2)

Braving the new world

Aside from post-apocalyptic recipes based on unknown ingredients, as well as the hunt for mutant meat, glowing mushrooms, and vegetables, the underground shelter plays a huge role in the Cooking Simulator – Shelter DLC.

It is here where you will cook, store your ingredients, and grow all these radioactive plants. It is also conveniently located under an old shed, which makes it a prime location to hunt down those pesky mutants and use their meat. You are definitely responsible for everything from start to finish.

Once you have developed your menu in the Cooking Simulator – Shelter DLC, make friends and establish the connections you need. One day, you will finally reach your family, let’s just hope you are a good cook first.

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