Curse Of The Dead Gods update

There’s a lot of cursing in the first major free content update for isometric rogue-lite Curse of the Dead Gods. You’ll find curses in the temple, as well as cursing from players attempting the new challenges. The Cursed Temple update also brings an arsenal of new weapons, relics, and modifiers. All the new features add a lot of replayability to the game. That’s always good news for a rogue-lite title.

Who put that there?

As with the minor Early Access updates, Passtech Games has introduced more variety to room setups, which makes the temple much less predictable. But more than that, it’s also added an Eternal Curses mode which gives players a new way to play.

The Eternal Curses are thematic challenges that introduce special modifiers. The mode offers players even more unpredictable and difficult runs. They will certainly challenge you to be more creative in your attempts to conquer the temple.

Curse Of The Dead Gods The Cursed Temple Eternal Curses Mode update

Here you can see the Eternal Curses mode Old Nightmare modifiers.

Godly new weapons

The Cursed Temple doubles the number of curses already in Curse of the Dead Gods. That means there are loads of new builds to experiment with in your runs. But on top of the new curses, there are two incredible new cursed weapons that bring their own playstyle.

The first is Fulmination, Death’s Rampart. Blocking with this shield will reflect projectiles back towards their source. This is the first weapon (or anything) in the game to be able to do this.

CurseDeadGods CursedTemple Fulmination

The next cursed weapon is Annihilation, Bow of Madness. Perfect shots with this bow will cause a Dark blast to explode in an area, damaging all characters caught in it.

CurseDeadGods CursedTemple Annihilation

Passtech Games is really making the most of its time in Early Access, with over five content updates to Curse of the Dead Gods in just two months. A whole lot more has arrived with The Cursed Temple update. Make sure you check out the extensive details in the full patch notes.

Passtech doesn’t plan on slowing down either. More major updates are on the way, including The Temple of the Snake. The poisonous halls are currently being remodeled and will bring new mechanics, weapons, adversaries, and cursing. You can check out the plan in the Curse of the Dead Gods roadmap below.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Early Access Roadmap

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