July 8th, 2017

New Dark Souls 2 screens up the Halloween tension

Dark Souls 2 - 21
That’s pretty Halloween, you have to admit. It’s like a double Headless Horseman. With a head.

If there’s one game which is entirely appropriate for Halloween without necessarily being a flat-out horror game, it’s Dark Souls. Namco Bandai presumably know this, because they’ve just hurled 27 new screenshots at us. 27! Blimey. It’s like Christmas. A really bleak, dark, tense Christmas.

Happily, there’s a fair mix of stuff in here. There are a variety of different environments, a bunch of different weapons and armour sets, and – naturally – a whole load of enemies, including that skeletal chariot thing you can see above. I am totally not getting excited about Dark Souls 2 because, as mentioned on this week’s podcast, every time I’m enthusiastic about something in a news item it turns out to be rubbish. As such, I’m just going to go “Pfft”, although I would highly recommend you get excited. I mean, it’s Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 is due out on 11 March 2014 on the console devices, with a PC release due shortly after.

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    • DavidTheSlayer

      Looks awesome, thanks for posting these. I also like the new look of the player’s souls running around in the other screenshots. Chariot guy is looks great as well, shame it’s just in a tunnel though :).