Dark Souls 2 - 08

I told you that one of the screenshots had a really pretty sky.

Namco Bandai have released a load of new screenshots for Dark Souls 2, a fair few of which focus on the game’s Covenants.

You can see the screens below, but let’s talk about the names of them. “Blue Sentinels” is fairly obvious, on the basis that one of the screenshots actually has a character proclaiming HEY GUY JOIN THE BLUE SENTINELS, but some of the others are perhaps less so.

The screenshots with the blood red phantoms indicate that this covenant is called the Brotherhood of Blood. I’m going to guess they’ll be a Darkwraith equivalent, because having a red faction with a name like that be friendly and helpful would just be weird. Another shot showing a red phantom is called “Dark Spirit Invasion”, but I’d guess that’s just referring to a standard player invasion rather than a covenant. I might be wrong, mind.

One shot with a glowing yellow phantom indicates that particular faction is the Heirs to the Sun, which sounds rather like Dark Souls‘ Warrior of Sunlight covenant. That said, another of those screenshots is called Knight of the Sun, so who knows?

Finally, one shot showing a pitch-black phantom is titled “Bell Keeper.” That might be a covenant (possibly based around guarding the bell that can be seen in the background, akin to the first game’s Forest Hunter covenant) or it might just be an enemy that looks like a player garbed in black. Perhaps it’s both!

Update: There’s a brief run-down of the revealed Covenants on the Dark Souls Facebook page, and it seems like Tim’s estimations were pretty close:

– Way of Blue: Covenant with divine protection of gods of Blue. When apostles of Blue are invaded by dark spirits, they can receive assistance from other Way of Blue members.
– Blue Sentinels: Covenant to protect the blue apostles from the merciless beings. Let players be automatically summoned in the worlds of Blue apostles who have been invaded by dark spirits.
– Brotherhood of Blood: Covenant of immortals haunted by blood. Its purpose is to sacrifice blood for Nahr Alma, god of war. through repeated invasion to many player’s world.
– Heirs to the Sun: Worship of the sun, now a lost belief, was once widespread amongst great warriors. Its purpose to help other players.
– Bell Keepers: The twin bells symbolize the bond between two lovers who could never be united. The bell keepers are their eternal guardians.

If you don’t give a toss about covenants then, hey, more Dark Souls 2 screenshots – and these ones show off some rather interesting-looking environments, some massive enemies, and an unfeasibly pretty sky. The console version of Dark Souls 2 is due out on 14 March, with the PC version to follow “shortly.”

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