dark souls 2

Bonfire particle effects are still in, then.

A brief word of warning about this new trailer for Dark Souls 2. It features a whole lot of splendid creature design, but quite a few of them may well be bosses. If you want to go in blind, without even the merest glimpse of some of the horrors that await, then you should probably skip this video.

Everybody else, feel free to dive in and luxuriate in the strange, disturbing and grotesque creations on offer. Tim will no doubt be delighted to learn that this trailer confirms spiders for Dark Souls 2, too.

There’s a crumbling city that looks kind of like Anor Londo (but insists that it is not) and a voiceover from a wise old lady who wants to let you know just how thoroughly cursed you are. March cannot come soon enough, especially as the PC version still doesn’t have a settled release date (other than “March, after the console ones.”)

Come on Namco, give us a proper date.

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