New Dead Rising 2 Trailer Encourages You To Tear ‘Em Apart

With Dead Rising 2 set to launch in Europe on 24 September (for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners at least) and 28 September in North America (plus PC in Europe,) it seems like a reasonable time for Capcom to issue a new trailer.
This one gives a handy refresher of the somewhat ridiculous plot (Motocross champion Chuck Greene needs some ‘Zombrex’ vaccine for his ailing daughter – and must enter a deadly gameshow to get it) and another look at some of the absurd ways in which the zombie menace can be dispatched. A wheelchair with dual mounted machine guns doesn’t seem out of the question.
Look below to see those poor old zombies getting pulped once again. You can also have a read of how James thought the game was shaping up in his hands-on preview.

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