Bethesda teased early last week at new Fallout 4 DLC via Twitter:


The silence has been broken, and Bethesda outlined the details of the upcoming DLC for their flagship title today. The three expansions announced will be the first of many series according to Bethesda. This first round includes Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor.


Automatron starts with a mass of robots being unleashed on Commonwealth, including the infamous Robobrain. By defeating your brainless chrome foes, you can salvage their parts and build your own robot companions to aid you during your time in the Wasteland.

Automatron will run you $9.99 and will be releasing in March, although no specific release date was specified.


Following shortly after in April is Wasteland Workshop, for only $4.99. The idea of Wasteland Workshop is a bit novel, but still seems worth the asking price. You’ll be able to build traps and capture in creature you could possibly imagine. You can choose to kill them or build an arena and host your very own post-apocalyptic blood sport.

In addition to the arena matches, Wasteland Workshop will have a few new additions to add to your settlements.


The last, and perhaps most complete piece will be Far Harbor, that releases in May. The asking price is a whopping $24.99 so it better be something we can actually play.

Taking place of the coast of Maine, Far Harbor is a dismal place overrun with radiation. Valentine’s Detective Agency leads you there in order to search for a young woman.

There isn’t much else to go out, but all we know is that this expansion will be the largest landmass that Bethesda has ever released in DLC, so it should be some good stuff.


More DLC will be coming in 2016, a lot more according to Bethesda. You can get on board with a season pass, but make sure to get it soon because the price will be jumping from $29.99 to $49.99 on March 1st.

If you’re more free inclined,Bethesda says more free updates will be rolling out for the game over the year.

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