September 5th, 2017

New Dota 2 patch hits, doesn’t add Techies

dota 2 techies reveal

Remember when we were sure Techies were going to hit Dota 2 soon after The International 4? Yeah, that still hasn’t happened.

A 265MB patch for Dota 2 has just hit, and it contains, uh… not much. Considering Techies are likely to hit the test client before they hit the main game, though, it was perhaps naive and optimistic to assume that this would have anything else.

So what does it contain? Er. I’m not sure, because there’s no changelog available. Judging by the Reddit thread about the patch, it appears to remove all of The International 4’s stuff – your Compendium won’t be shown in the top-right, your name won’t be in purple if you own one, there’s no Offering tab anymore, etc. – and it solves some animation and sound issues.

Best guess is that it’s basically a fixed version of last week’s Dota 2 patch, which was reverted almost immediately after it launched because it basically broke everything. Analysis of that patch indicated that it contained a lot of stuff towards the eventual Custom Games, a few updates to Spectator mode, a bit more visual work towards Techies, and… no, that’s about it. So mostly back-end stuff, removal of The International 4 stuff, and some fixes.

You know, I know I’m going to hate Techies as soon as they arrive, but… seriously, every patch before that happens is like waking up a few weeks before Christmas and there’s a big, brightly coloured parcel outside your door. You know it can’t possibly be an early present, but – despite yourself – your hopes start to rise as you pull apart the wrappings. You open it up, and… it contains a note from your dad telling you he’s thrown out all the shit from your birthday last month. THANKS DAD. VALVE. WHATEVER.

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