June 18th, 2017

New Duke Nukem announcement incoming?

Let’s erase Duke Nukem Forever from our memories, it was pretty terrible and you might have thought it was the final nail in Duke’s coffin. But wait!

It looks like there could be something brewing as a site popped up on the domain alloutofgum.com  with a secret coded message. The site has now gone into “maintenance mode” but before it was pulled down there was all kinds of information about a new Duke title.

A new Duke is apparently being developed by Interceptor Entertainment and the teaser image that was on the site, which was deciphered by Dujag, revealed that the supposed new game would be called Duke Nukem Mass Destruction and it’s an action RPG for the PC running on the Unreal Engine.

If and when the game is announced it will  feature all-new enemies, new weapons, and XP system and tech trees. In typical Duke fashion he’ll have to save the President from an apocalyptic alien threat.

duke nukem

The site did feature a countdown timer which was set for 24 days which we have to assume was the planned announcement date. We’ll have to wait and see if more information is forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

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