New EA CEO Andrew Wilson calls for “a culture of execution”

andrew wilson of EA
Andrew Wilson, seen here moving in for the kill.

Former head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson is not messing about in his newly accepted role of CEO, calling for “a culture of execution” at the company. Any under-performing executives may now be worrying about their heads literally rolling as … oh, I’m sorry, the full statement is “Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth.”

He probably doesn’t mean beheadings, then. That’s a shame.

Alongside his curiously worded intent to … well, I’m still not sure what “culture of execution” means exactly, so let’s just move on from that bit. He also intends for a “continued transformation” towards a “digital future” and “delivering amazing games and services across platforms,” which certainly sounds like a wise thing to aim for if you run a huge videogames company.

Wilson has previously worked as a producer on EA’s FIFA series and was executive vice president of the somewhat maligned Origin digital download store. He adds in his statement that “I envision EA as the World’s Greatest Games Company.” May as well aim high, eh?

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