Epic Games Store Creator Appreciation Event

From now until November 18, using a Creator’s Tag during checkout on the Epic Games Store can earn buyers a $10 coupon for their support. This event, dubbed the Creator Appreciation Event, is an opportunity to shed some light on and reward content creators who have supported the Epic Games Store.

For those outside the loop, Creator’s Tags are special codes generated for content creators to share with their audience. While tags don’t give buyers any discounts, using one ensures that a small percentage of that purchase will find its way back into the creators’ pockets. Using a content creator’s custom link is also a valid method. For this week only, $10 worth of store credit will also find its way into your accounts should you use a Creator’s Tag or custom link.

It’s important to note that purchases must be for games currently released on the Epic Games Store — preorders and in-game purchases will not qualify. The purchase must also be $14.99 or above in order to qualify for the coupon, and there is a limit of one coupon per account. The coupon will then apply itself automatically to any purchase that qualifies. However, you don’t have to claim the coupon right away, as it will remain valid until April 30, 2020.

Epic Games Store versus the community

Any gamer not living under a rock should be well-acquainted with the controversy surrounding the Epic Games Store. After it nabbed a sizable number of games through exclusivity deals, Epic has provoked the ire of a fair number of people. However, weekly freebies and frequent sales have done much to repair the platform’s reputation. This event is one such gesture.

The Creator Appreciation Event also comes days after Epic banned a popular content creator, Faze Jarvis, from Fortnite for using an aimbot in a recent video. Epic’s decision has since created a divide within the community, with many creators voicing their opinions on the matter. Plenty are in agreement with the ban, but some still feel the company is punishing its creators. This event may be the first step in mending Epic’s relationship with its creators.

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