New Euro Aion Servers Announced

NCsoft has announced the arrival of two new Aion servers for European players.French-speaking players can use the new Deltras server and players who prefer to play on an English-speaking server can now opt for Kahrun.Both servers are named after characters in Aion’s lore; Deltras was the name of a renowned Storm Legion Centurion, among the first to explore the Abyss and discover the Asmodians. Kahrun is the name of a child who was born as the result of a forbidden love between two Empyrean Lords.On Friday, NCsoft announced that a new West coast US server, Fregion, was added, and an East coast server will follow shortly.NCsoft is working on a feature that will allow players to transfer servers, which should go live in the next couple of months.Remember to check out our review of levels 1-20 for more info on Aion.