New Fallout Miami Trailer Is All About Radiated Fun In The Sun (1)

There is no doubt that there is plenty of love for the Fallout series. While there has been hits and misses (looking at you, Fallout 76), the mainline games are more or less popular and well loved by fans. However, it is not just the base game that draws attention. The longevity of both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 has only been prolonged by a vibrant modding scene. Adding new quests, objects, characters, and even entire overhauls make for a different experience every time. One of those mods happens to be Fallout: Miami, a colorful reimagining of Fallout 4. 

First revealed back in 2018, the project has continued its development for the last few years. Putting out a new trailer, it seems that significant progress has been made on the mod. We have feral ghouls running about dressed for the beach. The remnants of a coastal city in the aftermath of the nuclear holocaust. And of course, mutated alligators that are just waiting to give you a nice hug. Welcome to Fallout: Miami.

Sunny times

Fallout: Miami definitely captures the imagination of what could have been in a brand new location. While it is still technically a mod, the amount of work and effort put in makes it feel more like an unofficial expansion. From what we can glimpse from the new trailer, there are certainly more than monsters to eradicate. The Vault Dweller will most likely meet up with certain factions, explore a variety of environments, including the swamps, and enjoy more firepower in new weapons. And the music, that glorious music. That is a perfect formula for a modern Fallout experience.

New Fallout Miami Trailer Is All About Radiated Fun In The Sun (2)

Unfortunately, Fallout: Miami still does not have a release date set just yet. The team behind the mod do have an internal deadline, so that is at least something. Hopefully, it will not be too long until we can all explore the wreckage that is Fallout: Miami.

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