New FPS Immortals of Aveum announced from Call of Duty director

New Fps Immortals Of Aveum Announced From Call Of Duty Director
Screenshot via Ascendant Studios

A reveal trailer posted on April 13 announced a magic FPS from Call of Duty director Bret Robbins called Immortals of Aveum. This three minute video showcased Ascendant Studios’ new single-player game. Published by EA and released as an EA Original, this trailer for Immortals of Aveum reveals both cinematics and gameplay.

Call of Duty director heads new magic FPS Immortals of Aveum

Set to release on July 20, Immortals of Aveum has you play as Jak, a magic wielder. Jak joins an elite group of battlemages, set on saving the world from the edge of abyss. Bret Robbins was previously the creative director of Dead Space and Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty games. Robbins founded the independent Ascendant Studios, which holds a development team of industry veterans.

Immortals Of Aveum Combat

Screenshot via Ascendant Studios

Magic is the core of this combat system. Combat is described as fluid, fast-paced, and easy to learn, yet enjoyable to master. You can unlock more than 25 Spells, as well as 80 Talents. According to their website, the three types of magic are Red, Blue, and Green. Each has its own type of abilities for both offensive and defensive magic. The world of Aveum itself is described as engulfed in constant conflict. The Everwar is a war over the control of magic. Jak himself is new to magic, but is quickly thrust into becoming an Immortal, who are protectors of Lucium.

Ascendant Studios also confirmed that Immortals of Aveum is truly a single-player experience with no microtransactions. Also, this will be the first AAA game to release running on Unreal Engine 5.1, which will allow for new technological capabilities.

Pre-orders include a bonus weapon that has combat boosts. Also, if you purchase the Deluxe Edition, you receive bonuses of Ancient Relics to enhance your magic. Immortals of Aveum is available for pre-order on Steam, the EA app, and Epic Games Store. It’ll also be available on PlayStation and Xbox’s current generation of consoles, but not last-gen consoles.

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