New Game ‘adventurer’ Rips Uncharted While Looking Pretty Impressive

Polish studio The farm51 are currently working on a new project called Adventurer which at first glance, looks a lot like a shameless Uncharted rip off, and although the similarities are certainly there, the game still looks pretty interesting regardless.

Details are pretty scarce on the game right now, other than that it will be released on Xbox 360 and PC next year and a brief trailer and feature list which you can view all of below.

Main Features

  • A unique blend of classical cinema atmosphere of adventure-person shooter action game.
  • The game combines action and exploration – shootings, car chases, puzzles.
  • Avoid the guards left behind by the ancient treasures of the traps and use them to fight the enemies.
  • Visiting exotic locations, including Egypt, the Arctic and ancient Mayan cities.
  • Puzzles and mysteries, in which we use to solve the treasure hunter gear – unusual compass, notebook, treasure map, a flashlight, and even dynamite.
  • Full story twists, international conspiracy, espionage, and organizations seeking powerful artifacts.
  • A powerful arsenal of weapons of the era, from the guns on the Panzerfaust.
  • The improvement of weapons and upgrade skills of the hero.
  • The fascinating world of the 30s the last century – architecture, music, clothing, vehicles and weapons straight from the best Hollywood movies rogue.
  • Multiplayer mode Treasure Hunt, in which the outside weapon you can use traps to eliminate enemies.

Also here is a 30 minute off-screen video of the game too.


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