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At The Game Awards 2019, a new game mode for Control was shown. This new game mode, called “Expeditions,” looks to be a repeatable game mode where players can take on challenges for certain rewards. It’s available now to all Control owners as a free update, so be sure to download that.

Also briefly shown was the first expansion for Control, which will be released on March 26, 2020. No additional information was given on it, what it’ll cost or what it will entail.

Control “Expeditions” game mode

Expeditions are now available for all Control owners across PS4, Xbox One and The Epic Games Store. Meant to add post-game content, expeditions give you 25 minutes to clear four rooms. There are three tiers of difficulty, and the higher the difficulty, the better rewards you get. That could mean rare crafting materials, exclusive mods, or a new outfit for Jesse.

Difficulty Tiers

You can’t just go on an expedition, though. You’ll need special tokens to take on the challenge, with the higher difficulties requiring more tokens. You can get tokens by completing Bureau Alerts, Board Countermeasures, and by defeating named enemies (bosses or mini-bosses). You can also craft tokens at control points.

How to access Expeditions

Expeditions are only available to those who have beat the game. That means you’ll need to have completed the “my brother’s keeper” main story mission. After that, you can launch a side-mission by going to Central Executive and finding a jukebox token. At the end of that mission, you’ll be brought to a jukebox, which has the power to transport Jesse to a different dimension.

Once you’ve gone for the first time, you can go on expeditions whenever you want, so long as you have jukebox tokens. Expeditions take place in the Threshold area, near the mysterious structure in Black Rock Quarry known as the “Formation.” As Jesse, it’s your job to venture into the Formation and clear out the Hiss before they go any deeper.

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