Well lots of gamers have been waiting on some Grand Theft Auto V news for quite a while now, many even expected the game to surface in some shape or form at E3 which of course was not the case.

Finally however our patience has paid off as we are finally being treated to 2 new screenshots of the game. Unfortunately though this is a bit of a doubled edged sword, as Rockstar also revealed that they wont be able to show any more of the game “for a while yet”.

The first screenshot shows a view of the city from a pier, highlighting some of the more scenic areas of the city, which you can view below.

I get the feeling the shots were picked with a stark contrast in mind while the goal was to show off the city rather than anything else, as the next shot is an angled, slightly front-on view of a helicopter flying over the rather built up city. One of the most obvious things from both shots is the draw distance appears to have been raised quite a lot since GTA‘s last outing.

Many have suspected that GTA V will release this October, however Take-Two’s financial guidance actually points more toward an April 2013 release instead. Rockstar still have no set date, and it seems we will now have to wait a while until we hear one too.


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