This past weekend’s Halo 4 event at Rooster Teeth Texas revealed many new details about Halo 4, as well as unveiling its Forge mode for the first time in public.

    Halo 4 Ranking System

    The ranking system will be visible only to you and not other players, though the matchmaking system will still consider rank when finding matches. There will be experience and ranking similar to Halo: Reach, but it will be hidden to prevent cheating.

    Halo 4 Piggyback Rides


    Halo 4 Displays Vehicles as Icons on Radar (?)


    Tactical Package List


    Support Upgrade List


    Emblem Design and Colors


    Female Spartans


    Buttons Layout


    Armor Customization

    Armor can be customized for individual body parts, but will be purely aesthetic not have an effect on gameplay.


    Halo 4 will be released on November 6, 2012 for Xbox 360.




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