Just Cause sequel

Square Enix quietly confirmed that a new game in the Just Cause series is in development. This was announced during a Square Enix investor briefing and shared on ResetEra. The report doesn’t say much regarding Just Cause, but it does confirm that the company is “at work developing a new title in the franchise.”

This new Just Cause game is assumed to be in development at Avalanche Studios. Since the developer has helmed the series since 2006 with the first Just Cause, it isn’t much of a leap to assume that it will also develop another game. It’s also worth mentioning that Square Enix sold the majority of its western studios in May. However, since it never owned Avalanche Studios, their working relationship is seemingly unchanged.


Just Cause is coming back

The Just Cause franchise has given players a sandbox of destruction for years. The sheer amount of carnage in each of the games is undeniably a lot of fun. But with Just Cause 4’s release in 2018, its core gimmick started getting stale. After all, it was essentially a carbon copy of the third entry, only with a few tornadoes here and there. For a lot of people, it was an underwhelming game in the Just Cause series.

Just Cause sequel

The next game in the series is going to need to evolve the franchise in some way, but it’s difficult to think about where it could possibly go. We’ve already had wing suits strapped with rockets, and futuristic hoverboards have made an appearance. It’s hard to imagine the series getting much crazier than that. But, as long as it’s able to keep the chaos that lies at the heart of the series intact, the next Just Cause game should still be a fun time.

We don’t know much about this next game, and it may be some time before we hear anything about it. Hopefully, it’s able to introduce some fresh ideas into the series and evolve its sandbox of carnage even further. There’s also a chance we may see some kind of announcement soon at Summer Game Fest.

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