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Just a little while back, indie game publisher and short-lived NFT supporter Team17 announced a new “hardcore looter shooter” in the form of Marauders. Developed by Small Impact Games, Marauders appears similar to games like Escape from Tarkov except that, of course, it takes place in space. More specifically, the game places players within “an early-1990s dieselpunk alternate future.” You control a space pirate who aims to break into spaceships, take down other players and AI, and collect whatever loot they can find. If this sounds like a fun way to kill some time, then you can expect to play Marauders once it arrives on Steam Early Access and PC Game Pass’s Game Preview sometime this year.

In Marauders, players can team up with up to four other players or go it alone. You or your team take on raids and boost your survival odds through the use of weapons and gear. Victorious players can make use of the loot they find in future matches, or they can channel those resources into ship upgrades. Alternatively, you can simply opt to sell the loot and make a hearty sum.


What else is there to look forward to?

Upon playing Marauders, players can expect to partake in “a gritty sci-fi world where Earth is on the brink of collapse and survival is in looting and shooting among the stars.” The game attempts to realistically emulate bullet physics, which promises to give multiplayer matches that little bit of extra punch. Players can also take advantage of mods to change their preferred weapons to their liking.

Although the Early Access version of Marauders may not come for a while, interested players can still get a small taste of the experience through an upcoming hands-on demo, which will feature in the upcoming W.A.S.D. event in London from April 7 to April 9. Additionally, closed alpha testing will become available for players to try at an unspecified date.

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