The new Lords of the Fallen game has been revealed, with a name that’ll make things confusing

The Lords Of The Fallen New Game Gamescom 2022

The new Lords of the Fallen game was at last revealed today at gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live. And it’s called… The Lords of the Fallen. Yes, they added a “The” to the title. However, the game is a true successor to the 2014 original, with publisher CI Games and developer Hexworks promising a larger, darker world with more hectic Souls-like combat.

Lords of the Fallen 2 was a sequel promised by CI Games not long after the 2014 original. It’s development had been a mystery for years until 2020, when the publisher announced Hexworks’ involvement. Since then, we’ve only gotten a trickle of information on the game. In 2021, the publisher wrote that the new, Unreal Engine 5-powered Lords of the Fallen would be the “largest project in terms of the whole of CI Games.”


Today, however, we got our first glimpse of the game via a CGI trailer. Narrated by Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson from Stranger Things), the trailer sets up the story. “After an age of the cruelest tyranny, man finally defeated its overlord,” Quinn explains. “But gods… do not fall forever.” After untold years, the old gods return to wreak havoc again. And we see a new hero stand up to defy this ancient evil, rocking out to “Mother” by Danzig. It’s an interesting choice, I’ll say that much.

Not a Lords of the Fallen, THE Lords of the Fallen

The new Lords of the Fallen game might bring some confusion, since CI Games is dropping the more typical “2” from the title. The Lords of the Fallen is set to succeed the original, rather than build directly off of it. It will be bigger, badder, and bolder than the original. Taking place thousands of years after the setting of the first game, the sequel will be “five times larger” with a world “split between the realm of the living and dead.”

But you won’t be alone. The Lords of the Fallen will include NPCs offering quests, and you’ll be able to invite a friend for uninterrupted online co-op.

The Lords Of The Fallen New Game Gamescom 2022 2

The Lords of the Fallen is the successor fans of the original title have always wanted,” said Cezar Virtosu, creative director. “The game is significantly larger, with a vast, interconnected dual world split between the realms of the living and dead, that players can explore alone or with friends. It’s darker and more challenging, with faster soulslike combat, stronger thematic, richer narrative, deeper RPG systems, and more immersive storytelling.” 

The game doesn’t have a set release date yet, but it’ll arrive on PC later in 2022.

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