BioWare has revealed two new antagonists that will be showing up in Mass Effect 2.The first are the Collectors, who seem to be somewhat responsible for the disappearances of the human colonies – the main thrust of the plot in Mass Effect 2, from what we’ve heard.The Collectors are an insectoid race with incredibly advanced technology – including some rather powerful beam weapons – who, for some unknown reason, seem to be turning up at colonies, releasing swarms of paralysing insects to subdue the population, and then packing everyone into stasis and taking them away. BioWare speculated in its inimitable nod-and-wink style that there might be some connection to the Reapers here, as it’s unclear where else the Collectors could be getting their technology from.Of particular note is that the Collectors appear to have an ability that could well turn fighting them into an abject nightmare. They seem to have a bit of a linked mind, allowing their leader to possess any one of them at any time, turning a standard grunt into something far, far more dangerous.The second new antagonist revealed to us earlier this week is Legion, apparently a member of a Geth faction that has “different beliefs.” Legion is particularly worrying as for whatever reason he appears to be very, very interested in Shepard – according to BioWare, he’s obsessed with Shepard to the extent that he’s stalking him, and has even integrated a piece of Shepard’s armour into himself. Brr.It sounds like our favourite Spectre will have his work cut out for him when Mass Effect 2 launches in January. Look out for our full hands-on preview later today, or have a look at some brand new screenshots below, including a shot of the Collectors (first screenshots) and a few of Legion (shots two to four). That’s not all though – the guy in that sixth screenshot looks awfully familiar…  

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