New Mass Effect: Andromeda shots surface

New Mass Effect: Andromeda shots surface

A new batch of screenshots for Mass Effect: Andromeda have surfaced today.

The shots appeared on Twitter posted by shinobi602 and include pics of the Ryder gang and there’s also a couple of tasty looking environmental shots to finish with. While they are not exactly action-packed, they do show the level of detail that’s gone into the characters.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on 21 March.

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  • Oh my God, I can not wait for this release!
    Mass Effect was sensassional, taking the end of the third of the franchise, it was all perfect.
    Now that’s it, I’m excited here.

  • User

    I’m just hoping their writing and animations don’t blow, like Dragon Age Inquisition. The Andromeda trailer already shows definitively bad animation… I hope the final release doesn’t suffer that fate.

    Otherwise, God damn, give me more!