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Get ready, all you fans of any type of fantasy game. A new Medieval Strategy game, Rising Lords, was just announced today. It is headed to PC via Steam sometime next year and looks amazing.

Independent developer Argonwood Studio is the creator behind Rising Lords, which it describes as a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. According to the Press Release, you will “Send your serfs to fight and die in your name… or let them prosper, and use them to your advantage!

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In addition to the campaign mode, Rising Lords will feature multiplayer functionality. You have the option of either playing a quick game or play for hours. Rising Lords also includes social elements as well.


Key Features

  • Find the perfect balance – Juggle production, resource gathering, diplomacy and treason, tax and rations – all vital in the success of your provinces
  • Strategic battles – Besiege your enemy’s cities to starve them out, go all-out attack, or wait for them to come to you
  • Up to 4-player simultaneous multiplayer – no need to wait for each individual player to take their turn
  • The psychology of war – Play mind games with your opponents with advanced social interactions
  • Subtle variables – Morale, terrain, and fortifications have a huge impact on the battle, and the tide can turn quickly
  • Customisation – Tailor your leader’s look and skills, and craft your perfect cities and troops
  • Risks and opportunities – React to figures that visit your province. Find ways to take advantage, and work quickly to eliminate threats!
  • Take your pick – React to 50 different events and collect unique cards to surprise your enemy!

You can also check out the awesome launch trailer below:

Argonwood is based in Cologne, Germany and has been developing smaller PC games since 2013. For more information and updates, head on over to their Twitter and Steam Page.

What do you think of their newest title? Will you be checking out Rising Lords?

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