My Hero One's Justice 2 Gameplay Trailer Heroes

We suspected there would be more action-packed trailers to follow after the My Hero One’s Justice 2 villains trailer. We didn’t think the next one would drop just two days later. But here we are and here’s the new gameplay trailer for My Hero One’s Justice 2, this time showing off the heroes in action.

Check out Seiji Shishikura and Camie Utsushimi from Shiketsu High School putting their Quirks (special abilities) to use, as well as professional heroes Gang Orca, BMI Hero: Fat Gum, and Sir Nighteye.

High school heroes

In the anime, U.A. High School is considered the number one academy for heroes in Japan. But Shiketsu High School is their closest rival and the only academy that can match them when it comes to heroics. Naturally, students Seiji Shishikura and Camie Utsushimi from Shiketsu High School have a lot to prove.

Seiji Shishikura is one of the top students at Shiketsu High School. He uses his Quirk, wonderfully named Meatball, to manipulate his flesh and that of his opponents. As you can see from the My Hero One’s Justice 2 trailer, he can turn bits of his flesh into large projectiles or fists to assail his opponents with. Plus, he can incapacitate enemies by kneading their flesh into disfigured lumps.

Camie Utushimi is far more laid back than her counterpart, Seiji. And she likes to keep an air of mystery around herself. This attitude matches her Glamour Quirk, which allows her to create illusions from a smokey substance she emits from her mouth.

The professionals

Gang Orca’s Quirk has mutated him to look like his namesake, an orca. An unfortunate turn of events, but on the plus side he has enhanced strength, heightened senses, and he can produce hypersonic waves to paralyze his opponents.

It wouldn’t be My Hero One Justice 2 if things didn’t get a bit bizarre. So, following on from the guy who looks like an orca, is a guy who can absorb anything into his body and uses his fat to subdue enemies. BMI Hero: Fat Gum is as tough as they come, able to withstand most attacks thanks to his Fat Absorption Quirk. He can also store kinetic energy and convert it into muscle when he goes on the offensive.

Sir. Nighteye is a genius-level intellect whose Quirk, Foresight, allows him to see a person’s future. As you can see in the My Hero One’s Justice 2 gameplay trailer, when he fights he throws Hyper-Density Seals at his opponents. They’re basically office stamps, which Sir. Nighteye finds hilarious.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is coming to PC on March 13 and you can pre-purchase the game via Steam for some bonus cosmetics and characters.

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