New Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball officially rolls out

New Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball officially rolls out

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Wrecking Ball, the latest addition to the Overwatch roster, is now live. The seventh tank to be added to the growing 28-character strong lineup, Wrecking Ball can take damage as well as dish it out. He is armed with automatic-firing quad cannons, an adaptive field generator, and during his ultimate, he drops 15 explosive mines that cause up to 130 damage each.

Oh, and true to his name, he can also utilize a Grappling Claw, which latches onto surfaces, causing him to swing around and hit foes harder than a predictable and lazy Miley Cyrus reference.

Ovr Wreckingball 001


Wrecking Ball’s origin runs parallel to fellow tank hero Winston. Like the hyper-intelligent primate, Wrecking Ball, actual name Hammond (of course), was subject to genetic therapy while on the Horizon Lunar Colony. After the eventual gorilla uprising, he hitched a ride on an escape pod where he landed in Junkertown. There, he used his advanced intelligence and engineering skills to whip up a huge mech and go on a rampage throughout the land.

Judging by the adorably evil grin on his face at the end of the trailer below, I’d say his new life suits him well.

For more information and backstory on Wrecking Ball, head on over to hisĀ hero page.

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