Get your tactics pen ready for these new images and fresh footage from Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.
While the screenshots are split between glamour-shots and tactical scribbles befitting of Match of the Day, the trailer focuses entirely on hold-up play. This is the fine art of getting your defender in the way of an oncoming forward and pestering him so much that you get a chance to step in and nab the ball.
Judging by the trailer, hold-up mechanics in PES 2012 are moving closer to those found in previous FIFA titles (though, funnily enough, this is something FIFA 12 seems to be tweaking or moving away from).
You can read more about PES’s great rival in John’s hands-on FIFA 12 preview.
PES 2012 is set for a 27 September kick off here in the US, and 14 October in Europe.

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