The latest Prince of Persia title from Ubisoft, due to land this year, will follow closely the story of The Sands of Time, according to an interview with IncGamers.Animation director Jan Sjovall, said the focus of the game would be the story following that of the Sands of Time, but that the biggest challenge was to make the game feel as though it’s evolved over the seven years.“In 2004 it was a different kind of aesthetic, it was a bit slower and so the idea was what can we keep and how can we change things?” he said.Sjovall went on to say that these decisions with respect to the Prince’s animation and design are something he has to be very flexible with, without loosing the Prince’s identity.”It’s level design requirements as well as what we want to bring over from the classic moves, like the wall-run, the vertical and horizontal roll-around, the pole move.”In PoP 2008 it was the grip-fall instead of the curtain, but we’ve brought the curtain back and it fits the whole thing much better.”We’ll have our full interview and a preview of the game soon, so be sure to keep checking back.

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