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Even though many years have passed since Valve’s popular MOBA Dota 2 came out in 2013, it still receives substantial additions and content updates on a regular basis. Case in point, Dota 2 recently received a new playable hero in the form of the Primal Beast. Dedicated fans of the game no doubt recognize Primal Beast as a boss character from the “Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum” game mode that debuted late last year. Now, players have the opportunity to control him directly and wreak untold havoc on the battlefield.

According to the Dota 2 website, Primal Beast is an interdimensional being who thrives on unrelenting carnage. Since he spent much of his existence hunting and slaughtering, he became the ultimate apex predator on his home planet. The danger that he posed led to “would-be masters” banishing him to another world, one where he could freely rampage and kill without any resistance. Thousands of years later, he briefly became trapped in the Gleipnir, but only temporarily, as the Continuum Device eventually freed him and allowed him to come closer to inhabited territory. Now, his destructive tendencies pose a greater threat than they ever have before.


What about his in-game abilities?

In gameplay, Primal Beast has access to four special abilities. Onslaught allows him to charge toward both enemies and allies in a single direction, while Trample lets him stomp on enemies with wild abandon. He can use Uproar to slow enemies and buff his attack damage and armor based on various conditions. He can also use Pulverize to grab enemies and slam them repeatedly, which can damage and stun other foes in the process.

The addition of the Primal Beast hero in Dota 2 coincided with the implementation of the 7.31 gameplay patch. This patch incorporates an incredibly hefty number of changes and additions, all of which players can read more about on the official website.

Dota 2 hero model


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