New Pure Farming 2018 Trailer Details the Story Mode

Pure Farming 2018 will be launching in just a few days, and the developers are cranking out a lot of new media to introduce players to the various aspects of the game. The latest trailer is a developer interview, where a dev goes into detail about Pure Farming 2018’s story/campaign mode which is called “My First Farm”.

It’s described as you (the player) taking control of your late grandfather’s farm which has been debt-stricken. (this sounds similar to the plot behind Stardew Valley). Your job is to build this old farm back to profitability. The ‘My First Farm’ mode serves as not only the campaign but also like a tutorial since it guides you through various aspects of the game in detail, before eventually letting you go off and do your own thing. There are even side missions to complete and XP to earn, so there’s definitely a lot of content and incentives to keep you busy.

Check out the trailer:

Pure Farming 2018 launches on March 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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