Rainbow Six Siege Ying Nerfs

Ubisoft has just revealed Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest patch notes on its official site. Let’s go over some of the biggest changes to help keep all our Operators fully informed and ready for combat.

New goodies to play with

The biggest change for Siege is the addition of a new secondary gadget, the Proximity Alarm. Designed as an intel-gathering tool, the proximity alarm will allow teams to gather audio intel with a hands-off gadget. Several operators like Tachanka, Oryx, and Rook will have their secondary gadgets reshuffled to include this.

Rainbow Six Siege Proximity Alarm

Ying has also received a major nerf, reducing her number of Candelas from 4 to 3. The last balance patch gave Ying a huge buff, and many Siege players felt she became too oppressive to play against. Ying is still expected to perform well, but the dev team hopes this change will make her more even across the field.

Lots of new changes

On the flip side, Oryx received several notable buffs. These include replacing the bulletproof camera with the proximity alarm, reduced damage while going through walls (from 10 to 5), and adding an angled grip to Oryx’s MP5. The team hopes that changing the amount of damage Oryx takes when going through walls will encourage more players to pick up Oryx and use his ability more often and more effectively, without feeling punished for doing so. The devs will keep an eye on how well he can prep bombsites now, though, to ensure he doesn’t become too effective at this.

Several other changes have also come to other Rainbow Six Siege characters. These include Alibi & Maestro, Zofia & Ela, Finka, Kali, and Amaru. Amaru’s changes focus solely on the Garra Hook and are the most casual-focused of changes in this update. Barricades will now be broken as Amaru goes through them. The Garra Hook also breaks hatches now, and Amaru has faster recovery when landing. Most patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege are usually pretty high level focused, so it is interesting to see some more casual-level changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes

Make sure to check out the official website for the full patch notes. These changes come hot on the heels of the announcement of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave, as well as the reveal of two new operators, Ace and Melusi.

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