Even before the official announcement of Resident Evil 6, rumours have been flying around regarding the game’s plot, locations and which of the series’ illustrious character list will make an appearance.
In a bid to settle down the rumour flinging and confusion, Capcom has gotten in touch to give official weight to a few key bits of info. So, relax Resident Evil fans and consume the following (confirmed) info:
We’re told that Resident Evil 6 features an “evolved control system”. So far, all we know is that it will allow you to shoot while moving (blasphemy!), roll in any direction, use melee attacks and take advantage of cover. A cover based shooter, then?
It has previously already been revealed that the one and only Chris Redfield will be wandering around China at some point throughout the course of Resident Evil 6’s narrative. Capcom has now confirmed that the fictional coastal town of Lanshiang, China will be the primary location. 
Further, the whole thing will take place in 2013. Hopefully, that means we can expect to see a China still struggling to adapt to modern times while not wanting to completely abandon their traditions… or perhaps that’s not what Resident Evil is about. It’ll have zombies. Chinese zombies, I imagine.

Confirmed Characters
Leon S. Kennedy. First seen in Resident Evil 2, Leon is the archetypal rookie cop with a sense of duty and an iron will. Talking about ‘will’, will this finally be the game where Leon manages to get to the root of the zombie issue, the Umbrella corporation and eradicate “bioterrorism”? Probably not.
Chris Redfield. The announcement trailer for Resident Evil 6 depicted Chris packing some serious weaponry, so expect some high-octane scenes involving the former S.T.A.R.S member. The official Capcom blurb is for Chris leading into Resident Evil 6 is that he “underwent a personal trauma some six months prior” so expect some exploration into that.
The ‘mysterious third protagonist’. That’s Capcom official name for the character at this point, it’s not us trying to be sneaky or sly. What we know about him (and it is a ‘him’) is that he’s a mercenary currently involved in an Eastern European conflict. He’s then told (by someone as yet unknown) that he is the man that must save the world, he immediately starts to wonder how much money can be made from that. Subtle.
Helena Harper. If you’ve seen the trailer (below) you can see Helena admit to Leon that she is the one responsible for the Resident Evil 6 “incident”. She’s a US government agent with strong ties to the President. It all sounds very 24.
Ingrid Hunnigan. A member of Field Opeations Support – Ingrid is a long term partner of Leon and, according to Capcom, they share a “mutaul trust”. Bless.
Adam Benford. President of the United States of America. Hired Leon after the ‘incident’ of Raccon City.
Zombies. Shock! Horror! Zombies are included. However, these zombies can run, jump and use weapons.
J’avo. A super zombie of sorts that’s big, can work together as a group and can understood speech. J’avo can regenerate themselves, with heavily damaged body parts mutating into various other forms. Sounds a bit like a tweaked version of Resident Evil 3’s ‘Nemesis’ if you ask me.

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