Frogster will be releasing Chapter V for their MMO Runes of Magic this June bringing a whole host of new game features.
When the new chapter launches, there will be new zones, dungoens and even a new race, the Dwarves. The update will also bring  two original new arcane classes, the  Sorcerer and Champion.
No exact date has been set but here’s some more info on the Dwarves.
Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge sees the reappearance of a race of Dwarves that has lain hidden beneath the ground of Taborea – Shadowforge Dwarves. Bearing, curious tattoos for distinction, the Shadowforge Dwarves are close relatives of the Fireboot Dwarves and share their unique ability to manipulate dark elements to improve their mastery of blacksmithing.
However, after a dispute with their dwarven brethren, they were banished below the surface of the earth to live out their existence. While founding a new kingdom within the cave systems the east of the region, the Shadowforge Dwarves spent their time channelling spiritual energy and perfecting the art of runecraft. The years spent underground out of reach of the sun, coupled with their ardent experimentation with the dark elements, have drastically altered their appearance, making their skin pale and their eyes the fieriest among their kin.

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