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Halo Infinite owners haven’t been shy about venting frustrations over the lack of fresh content. Season 2 won’t arrive until six months after the multiplayer mode released for free. Many have stopped playing the game, which now has only around 8,000 players at peak hours on Steam. However, some may return when the second season at last kicks off next month. Halo Infinite Season 2 brings two new maps, and today 343 Industries has shown them off in a preview trailer.

Older fans may find the new maps nostalgic. Having played Halo for more than two decades, I certainly feel that way after watching the trailer. The first map on display in the preview is Catalyst, described as an “abandoned Forerunner edifice.” If you’re looking for those Halo 3 vibes, Catalyst is where it’s at. Breaker, a ship-breaking yard operated by the Banished, gets demoed in the second half of the preview. The rusted, dilapidated structures are surrounded by an arid desert, while the map itself holds its own dangers such as molten slag and shifting laser beams.


Can they bring back the fans?

Both of the new Season 2 maps were revealed in a Halo Infinite update blog last month. Catalyst, an arena map, is a Forerunner structure partially retaken by nature. Parts of it certainly remind me of the Halo 3 map Guardian, which was also covered in vines and other greenery. There might be a bit of Halo 5‘s Coliseum in there. Catalyst, however, looks like a blend of maps from the older games. I can see the DNA of Boarding Action and Avalanche, while also including some features unique to the map. The mobile laser beam between the vehicle jump looks especially nasty.

Halo Infinite Season 2, Lone Wolves, goes live on May 3. It brings a new Battle Pass, along with more modes, events, and armor pieces to collect. It might be enough to bring back disappointed fans, at least for a short while. The game will still lack some content, though, such as campaign co-op (coming later in Season 2) and Forge (Season 3).

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